HYPERBOLE - The Human Escher & official TEDX Amsterdam After Party

HYPERBOLE - TEDXAmsterdam afterparty from HEYNIEK on Vimeo.


Direction & Production/Design : Niek Pulles
Location : De Machine Kamer - Strijp S Eindhoven
Soundscore : Tom Trago - Rise up feat. Cinnaman (Original Mix)
Post Production : Menno Fokma Studio


Harm Rensink
Jaap van der Schaaf
Erik Jansen


DEJOOST.com says:

"Foamboys by HEYNIEK

These Foamboys by HEYNIEK were part of an installation + performance for the latest TEDx Amsterdam event.

TED is all about inspiration and HEYNIEK (Niek Pulles) was asked to design the after party and inspire the audience in a live onstage performance during the TEDx Event. This resulted in the creation of these amazing Foamboys that danced and moved around the stage, interacting with the audience.

“The suits are an industrial approach to the human body, composed out of water cut foam pieces. The idea was to create a mirrored grid installation that is all about transforming, morphing and duplicating the body with hyperbolic shaped mirrors, following a grid.” HEYNIEK explains to dejoost.

“The inspiration for this project came from the hyperbolic self portraits of M.C. Escher and the Triadic Ballet of Oskar Schlemmer. By creating a hyperbole with mirrors I would be able to distort reality, creating all kinds or amazing patterns.”

During the later held after party, the Foamboys mingled with the crowd where HEYNIEK installed some hyperbolic mirrors around the dance floor, resulting in an amazing trans-morphing surreal surrounding. The combination of the people, Foamboys, mirrors, hyperboles, music and alcohol, made this a party to remember!"

FRIDAY 30.11.2012

Ludwig and TEDX present HYPERBOLE.
The Human Escher and official TEDXAmsterdam afterparty.

Thrown into the equation are:

Design maverick Niek Pulles challenges all laws of general relativity with his Human Escher installation.
Add the Foamboys as random variables and the sum of it all makes a hell of a party.

From 22.00 till late
Reguliersdwarsstraat 37