Landscape E+Motion
Interactive installation for Nike+

Exhibition @ Vondel Park Amsterdam Paviljoen

Landscape E+Motion / installation from HEYNIEK on Vimeo.

This installation pays a tribute to the true Nike+ ‘Romance of Running”. Every time you put on your running shoes, there’s a completely different route and experience. The city is your open palette, perfectly tracked by Nike+.

In this installation the audience is invited to turn the wheel and create the next route to share their story with the world. The installation is a combination of water, sand and glitters. When turning the wheel the sand and water mix, creating cool vortexes. On top of this installation there is a projection of runners.

Concept Design: Niek Pulles
Product Design: Martin Schuurmans
Sound Design: Guy Amitai

Special thanks to:
Martin Schuurmans
Jessica Gysel & Nike