Future tribes

When | May 2014 – March 2019
Where | Eindhoven / Portland USA
What | Mask design & Exhibition
Client | n/a

Shot by KoersVonKramer
Styled by Majid Karrouch

Future Tribes reflects a lifelong obsession with cars and costume. Since childhood, Niek has seen humanoid faces within automotive forms – unique characters with colorful metallic features hidden in oversized grilles and unblinking headlights. As his obsession evolved and expanded, Niek began to observe connections between contemporary car culture and costume traditions around the world, particularly in the way certain attributes are exaggerated and abstracted to express collective identity. Future Tribes explores this theme across a series of clay masks. His spontaneous sculptural technique gives each a rudimentary quality, while layers of high-gloss automotive lacquer place them firmly in an otherworldly future.

Car Crushed extends the concept of car and identity, sparked by Niek’s fascination with the visuals of damage and impact. Shot at brazen angles typical of car enthusiasts, each portrait is interrupted by a mesmerizing composition of destruction, further abstracted by the use of transparencies.

Continuing to explore the juxtaposition of structure and chaos, Niek began using a 3D printing pen with a variety of plastic filaments to ‘doodle’ automotive favorites of his childhood. While the iconic silhouette of each car is recognizable, they become sculptures made unique by the unpredictability of the medium and impulse of the artist.

FUTURE TRIBES sketch / conceptual video from HEYNIEK on Vimeo.

This concept / sketch video is a brainfart trying to explain my research & mask design on FUTURE TRIBES.
Mixing existing video's & music video's with self made 3D animation and video.

Visceral designed masks – mixing ethnic groups & car cultures

In 2013 HEYNIEK designed the visual identity for the Dutch Invertuals during Dutch Design week 2013.

After creating these masks of clay, he was inspired to make a new serie.
This time he wanted to create a serie of masks that could represent a Tribe of the Future.

Inspired by different Ethnic groups and mixing it with his childhood fantasy about Cars having various characteristics, he created these colorful, high gloss metallic masks.

These masks are designed on a visceral level.

Combining a primitive material such as clay with a high end technical car paint
might lead to new insights and ideas.


Bronze Corvette Mask
Cadillac de Ville Mask design
Bugatti Veyron Mask design
Lotus Esprit Mask design
Jaguar E Mask
Dodge Polara Mask
Mustang Saleen Mask
Lamborghini Gallardo Mask
Corvette Stingray Mask
Buick Riviera Mask
Ford Thunderbird Mask
RR Phantom Mask