When | 2012
Where | Vondelpark Amsterdam, The Netherlands
What | Romance of Running exhibition
Client | Nike + ‘GAMEONWORLD’ Campaign

For this project I thought of a childhood memory again. I had this toy, called, Landscape Creator. The way that the sand would make his way through the water was magical.

For the Nike project I scalled this idea to a grown up version where the water symbolizes the runners. People could physically turn the big wheel that would move the water and sand around. A projection on the glass made it more magical, as if translucent runners where making their way through water and sand.

Landscape E+Motion / installation from HEYNIEK on Vimeo.

Landscape E+Motion

Interactive installation for Nike+
"The Romance of Running"

Exhibition @ Vondel Park Amsterdam Paviljoen

This installation pays a tribute to the true Nike+ 'Romance of Running".
The water symbolizes the runners creating a route through the sand.

You are invited tot turn the wheel, to create the next route and to share your story with the world.

Concept Design: Niek Pulles

Product Design: Martin Schuurmans

Sound Design: Guy Amitai