When | May 2015
Where | Copenhagen
What | Reframing 10 Danish Design icons
Client | Danish TM & Frame Magazine


Photography by Joost van Brug
Exhibition shots by Anders Hviid

To celebrate great Danish designs, Frame magazine and online platform Danish invited Sebastian Herkner and Niek Pulles to reframe ten iconic furniture pieces from Denmark fo an exhibition called ‘Re-framing Danish Design’.

Designer Niek Pulles explores the tactile connections between materials and the human body.
His work, which blurs the boundaries that separate product design and fashion, features a dynamic that highlights the development of his living, breathing ‘foamboy monsters’, most recently seen frozen in a state of suspended animation at Comme des Garçons stores worldwide. At Dutch Design Week 2014, Pulles staged mannequins wearing fashions of the future, afloat in a tropical island-cum-nightclub as part of the Modebelofte installation. He recognizes the link between his work and the task at hand: ‘Danish design is very close to the body. I see a beautiful and elegant relationship with human shapes.’ Referring to the iconic objects that he’s chosen for Re-Framing Danish Design, he continues: ‘They are sculptures, pieces that are very delicate and made with lots of love and dedication. I want to respect their origins but execute the designs with my own signature – give them my personal identity.’
– by Lauren Grieco, Frame Magazine

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